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Obesity as A social Problem

My topic is Obesity as A social Problem. Please Read what i have written and change it because i think i might be in the wrong path

also i want you to write the second part of the essay witch is the 5 new pages i am asking for This are the instructions:

A. To that paper that you just wrote up, add a new section called Policies.  Find out what laws, rules, regulation, and other kinds of policies are in place at the federal, state, or local levels that are meant to address the problem.  Explain the main ones, and how they work.  In class we divided them up into

a) over-arching laws, like consitutional amendments (for example; the amendment giving women the right to  vote), or large scale programs like medicaide and medicare.

b) programs, like the welfare programs TANF, WIC, and Food Stamps, meant to address poverty

c) rules and regulations,  like

1.  regulations on products (for example, state regulations on the sales of tobacco and alcohol to minors)

2.  city regulations against camping on streets (meant to keep the homeless from sleeping on the street)

3. regulations on behavior (like not allowing smoking within 15 feet of a building)

d) other kinds of programs meant to deter or encourage behaviors, such as

1. educational campaigns (like those trying to reduce teen smoking)

2. needle exchange programs (trying to reduce the spread of AIDS via needle sharing)

B. Your assessment of how well these are working.  For example, did you find that when educational campaigns began in schools, teen smoking went down, up, or stayed the same?  Did you find that laws against drunk driving have actually reduced drunk driving, kept it the same, increased it?  Have laws agains illegal drugs reduced, increased, or kept illegal drug use the same since they were passed?

1.  Use information you gather in your research to discuss the efficacy of the policies.

C.  Finally, discuss what laws and polices are being proposed today, by various groups, so solve or deal with your social problem.  You can talk about national, state, or local laws.  For example, what does the new Obama administration proposed to do about your social problem?  What are legislators in the State of Texas talking about doing?  What do other groups like Sierra Club or National Organization for Women or the Christian Coalition or the NRA or Teachers Union of Texas promote as better policies?

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